WordCamp Europe 2024 just opened registration for Contributor Day. This day is dedicated to working on the WordPress project together, whether you’re a seasoned contributor or new to the project.

Contributor Day is a great place to start your WCEU journey. And that’s why it’ll be held on June 13 at the beginning of WordCamp Europe.
Liza Bogatyrev, WCEU’s Community Team Lead, emphasizes the team’s focus on onboarding new contributors.

Contributor Day is a day to celebrate the contributor, and this year, we want to focus on the community spirit by allowing experienced contributors to mentor newbies and first-timers. This way, we facilitate not only the contribution but also ease new people into our community. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn, do valuable work that doesn’t feel like work, and meet new friends.

All you need to do is to sign up for Contributor Day, show up, and find a person wearing a green dot at the table of the team you want to contribute to – a green dot means they are open to helping you out.

Liza Bogatyrev

Registration for Contributor Day is separate from Event Registration. You’ll need a ticket to the event to register for Contributor Day.

Learn more about Contributor Day and sign up.

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