MariaDB’s Andrew Hutchings (@LinuxJedi) explained their Project: “Integrating MariaDB Catalogs with PHP Platforms” for the CloudFest Hackathon.

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Andrew, what is your project called and what is it all about?

Okay, I’m going to try and get the full name of the title correct because we got…

Everyone struggles with that.

I believe the title is Integrating MariaDB Catalogs with PHP Frameworks.
So really long, complicated title that probably doesn’t mean anything to most people. So MariaDB Catalogs is a way of containerizing collections of databases and users inside MariaDB Server.
And this means every catalog is isolated. And this means that you can do things such as have a single MariaDB Server for thousands of websites and have a single pool of memory rather than a thousand MariaDB Servers with one gig of RAM consuming lots of resources.
But also, you’ll be able to eventually do things like resource constraints per catalog.
So if you’ve got a low-tier customer, you can set a number of queries per second or something like that that they’re allowed to do versus a high-tier customer that can do a lot more.
So I think it’s great for cloud and web hosting where you’re sharing a lot of resources.
Now, to use it, you obviously need a way of being able to create the catalogs, administer them, looking at statistics of them and things like that.
App. And this is where this project comes in.
So it’s essentially a framework, a library, you can integrate with the admin systems of various CMSs.
So that when you create a new site off of that CMS.

Created it a new catalog, and you’ll be able to kind of drop the catalog with the site and everything like that.
So that’s essentially what this project is. Was that the whole question? I’ve lost track of it.

That was the whole way you answered it perfectly. So was all of that in scope for your work this weekend at CloudFest Hackathon?

That was what was originally intended.
Oh, there’s a story here. There’s a story here, yeah.
And I’ll be telling the story at the final presentation. but so readdb catalogs has not been released yet it is a pre-alpha state we were using code ripped out of founder montewidinius’s basement um in finland to actually make it work so there was no binaries we had to actually kind of create a docker image just so we could actually build the thing and actually use it and then when the guys started using it they managed to break it in ways i wasn’t anticipating them so um we spent pretty much the first day just firefighting bugs and things like that so we could actually get the thing running so i spent the first day thinking we’re never going to get anywhere but even if we don’t then watching the team use it is still feedback we can use we can learn from it we can keep moving forward and use that you know it’s still really valuable as it happens in day two we completely knocked it out the park well i didn’t They did.
We got a foundation that worked. We managed to actually build the PHP framework.
We’ve actually got it working with WordPress single site, multi-site, WPCLI and Laravel.

Four GitHub repos so far and possibly a fifth coming.
And so we managed to get there, even though we really were not expecting it at the beginning.
And we’ve opened six tickets in the really big bug tracker for all the issues we found so far.
And I’ll be talking to the rest of the developers later this week to see what we can do to make the experience a little bit better in future for people who before we actually release this as a final project later this year.

So it sounds like there’s like some follow up work to do still after the hackathon.

Oh, hell yes. Monty, Vicente, Eric and everyone else who develop it are actually going to be here this week.
So i’ll be meeting with them probably later today and going through with them how i observed it being used in reality compared to how we expect it to be used yeah and see if we can tweak things before we actually get a final release out of the of the really catalogs feature because it is actually a huge feature under it doesn’t it doesn’t look it on the outside but on the inside it’s a huge re-architecting of so many parts of marie db to make it work.

This pretty much covers was it thank you for taking the time that was very insightful.

Enjoy the rest of the hackathon …

Guess 45 minutes or so yes thank you thank you very much.

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