Time flies when you enjoy CloudFest. It’s time for the final CF 2024 guide.


At 9:55, Automattic’s Jesse Friedman takes to the stage to discuss the pivotal role Automattic wants to play in helping hosting companies thrive.

It’s time for privacy, or, to be more precise, for the future of privacy. Don’t miss Christian Dawson’s talk at 12:40.

Before we finish the week, at 16:10, Steve Crocker, one of the key contributors to the ARPANET project, will take us on a journey to the early days in “The ARPANET: First steps toward the Internet“.

17:00 marks the official end of CloudFest 2024. 

But don’t worry. If you’ll stick around for another night, there’s a last party to attend. The BierFest will start at 19:00 at the Hotel Krønasår.

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