* beep beep beep * it’s time to get up, get some food, and get ready for another day of CloudFesting! 

This is what I will take a closer look at today. 


At 11:35, you can glimpse how Rob Seger explains how Malware works.

At 12:15, my friend Ronald Gijsel and his colleagues Roslyn Lavery and Matthias Reinholz are up with “Hosting Amazing Experiences: Fueling WordPress Success with Woo.

Are you ready for an hour of pitches and networking? Then you should head to PitchCamp, where Jonathan Wold and Tammie Lister will bring product creators and hosting providers together for some speed dating… eh, speed pitching.

My personal highlight of the day is at 17:30, when Eliot Higgins, the founder of the award-winning investigative collective Bellingcat, takes the stage to discuss misinformation and truth on the internet.

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