Rise and shine for day two of CloudFest.

I will guide you through today’s CloudFest schedule. But I need to remind you that this is my subjective take on things. Make sure to check the whole agenda to make up your own mind.


The exhibition area opens at 9:00, so take some time to roam around there.

Right before the lunch break, Automattic’s Jesse Friedman and Bluehost’s Kevin Walker will be “Unveiling the Next-Gen of WordPress Cloud Hosting” at 12:05. 

At 17:10, Carole Olinger and Jeff Hardy take the stage to present what folks have been working on over the weekend during the Hackathon.

A couple of minutes later, at 17:30, you should head towards the VIP parking area. Because it’s time for the “World Server Throwing Championship“. And who would want to miss that?!

At 19:00, it’s time for the Super Trooper Celebration. Get ready for some ABBA.

And if you can’t get enough, the not-so-secret tip for today is at 22:00. Get ready for CloudFest’s very first pride party, “Rainbow in the Clouds.” Make sure to be there in time. The event will be in high demand.

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