CloudFest can be pretty intense. It’s a whole week of hacking, events, masterclasses, talks, server throwing (yes, really), and lots and lots of exhibitors.

So, putting my figurative WordPress hat on, what will I be taking a closer look at this time around? Keep in mind: this is my subjective take on things. Make sure to check the whole agenda to make up your own mind. You’ll probably find more interesting stuff in there that I’ve had to skip for one reason or another.

WP Day (aka Monday)

Busy hackers have been working all weekend long. On Monday morning, they will finish their projects and present their results around 11:30. If you’re already there, swing by the Santa Isabella Hotel to check out what they’ve been up to.

During lunch, the jury will rate the projects in different categories before we bring the CloudFest Hackathon to an end with the Awards Ceremony at 13:30 in the Hotel El Andaluz.

Almost simultaneously, we’re heading right into WP Day. After a quick intro to this event segment, Kevin Ohashi of Review Signal will take it away and discuss the question, “Can WordPress Save The Hosting Industry?“.

In their breakout session at 14:00 Douwe Zijlstra and Sander Cruiming will give some pointers on how to pick actually good WordPress plugins among the about 60k free plugins on while also introducing a nifty tool they’ve built.

At 14:20, Tammie Lister will moderate a panel on “Creating products in an evolving WordPress“.

Another panel, this time led by Miriam Schwab, will discuss “Generative WordPress: Evolving with AI“. This one is up at 16:30.

Three is the magic number, so we’re rounding WP Day off with a third panel. This time, Tammie will chat “Sustainability and Inclusivity in WordPress” with her panelists.

At around 19:00, you should head towards the Deutsche Allee part of Europa-Park. Come2Gather in the Streets is *the* way to start CloudFest properly.

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