The first session at at @wpswitzerland was all about meetups. Many meetups still struggle with attendance after the pandemic. The group in Barcelona, for example, fell from ~200 attendees to about 25.

Finding free venues is becoming increasingly difficult. However, there are still ways to source free venues. Universities, for example, are often happy to lend their space. Coworking spaces often serve the dual purpose of providing the venue and promoting the event in their community.

Sponsored venues (both in-kind and paid-for) are an alternative to free venues. Of course, WordPress Community Support can also pay for a venue if no free alternative is available. 

Live streaming meetups/online seem not to be attractive for many organizers. It’s a question of personal prioritization: do you, as a meetup organizer, want to foster local connection or reach as many people as possible? 

Bern follows a hybrid approach and tries to balance the in-person event and livestream. 

Starting a new meetup is always

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