Simon talks with Patricia Brun Torre about the next WordCamp Europe in Basel, Switzerland.

Simon Kraft
Patricia Brun Torre


WordCamp Europe 2025

Title Card: Afterparty Theme

This year’s WCEU afterparty theme will be “The Cinema”. 
While not everyone usually arrives at the afterparty in costume, some folks in the community typically go all in on the afterparty theme. The organisers encourage everyone attending to wear a costume or accessory that reflects some aspect of Italian Cinema.

Title Card: Wellness Track

After two successful iterations in recent years, the WCEU Community team once again organized a Wellness Track in Torino. 

Beginner-level yoga classes and guided walking tours of Torino will be available as part of the teams’ efforts to make WordCamp Europe less stressful. We also discussed these initiatives in our recent interview with WCEU Community Team Lead Liza Bogatyrev.

Learn more about the Wellness Track.